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Mobius EP


Where do we draw the line between the natural world and the unnatural? How do we decide what is real and what is artificial? The Möbius Strip is a fascinating shape. Visually simple, mathematically alien, it is a plane that folds and loops back on itself forming an infinite pathway. To walk along its surface would be a strange walk indeed, always believing you were walking upright on flat ground yet halfway through your journey you would be walking on the ceiling before finishing back on the floor. We see sound often divided into two realms, real and artificial, those made on “real” instrumentsor recorded in our natural world, and those created on computers and synthesizers. This album is an attempt to create a continuous walkway between both worlds, moving seamlessly from one space to another, never knowing if we’re standing on the floor or the ceiling.

Throughout the album, the sound design explores the boundary space between the real and artificial, field recordings that sound alien and mechanical, generative sounds that are familiar and organic. Sounds which maintain a vague connection to our world and ask the listener to derive their own distinction between which are real and which are generated. Like finding the horizon on a foggy day, the closer you look for a division, the harder it is to define.

“No matter how good they can be, recordings cannot replace the 'real' experience. Whatis more important, however, is that in my opinion they shouldn't try to do that. As I see it,this is a futile attempt to reproduce the world, that tends to become a kind of commodity directed to sophisticated entertainment or other forms of pragmatism. In its essence, a modern consequence of the same kind of mentality that long ago led to the creation of zoos.”

­- Francisco Lopez

From the cover photographer Will Hamilton (Indexthumb) /

"Is seeing really believing? In the age of Photoshop, can we still trust in our eyes? Playing on these questions, these photos offer a visual riff on the concept of Mobius. Byblending 35mm analog stills with digital compositing, the images challenge you to distinguish between their natural features, and their artificial replications. They play on the paradox of our organic­yet­digital existence, while also hinting at the boundless possibilities that lie within the harmony of two seemingly contradictory mediums. All captured somewhere on a misty mountain somewhere in Wales, while utterly lost."


released October 31, 2018

Tape Ghost is a project of David Grunzweig exploring the musical possibilities of artificial field recordings, microtonality, and polyrhythm composition. With a focus primarily on technology and utilizing new methods for sound synthesis and mangling, Tape Ghost productions range from ambient to psychedelic club tracks. Tape Ghost's style is largely influenced by the work of Voices From the Lake, Wata Igarashi, Monolake/Robert Henke, Cio D'or, Lucy and Rrose. A graduate of Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, David is an audio signal processing engineer by day for a company specializing in sound spatialization and acoustic simulation.

Thank you to:
Arushi Jain and Ghunghru for supporting this project
Will Hamilton for the artwork and encouragement
Erich Peske and Victoria Chang for the inspiring conversations
Diane Rodriguez for her love and support


all rights reserved



ghunghru San Francisco, California

ghunghru is a music label and radio series based in San Francisco.

We focus on contextual art, sonic art inspired by other artforms.


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